Multiple Teams · 2020 Winter Sports Award Winners Announced

The 2019-20 Winter Sports Awards program unfortunately was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The list of award winners are below.  Arrangements will be made to pick up or deliver the awards for the athletes.  We certainly appreciate your patience and hope that your family is safe and healthy.

Boys Varsity Basketball
Most Valuable Player Josh Gross
Sportsmanship Kyle Mawhorter
Rebound Trophy Josh Gross
Assists Trophy Brockton Miller
Scoring Award Trophy Josh Gross
Defense Player of the Year Josh Gross
Mental Attitude Colten Cripe
Boys JV Basketball
Free Throw % Joshua Rosales
Coaches Award Zach Beers
Mental Attitude Kolby Knox
Boys Freshman Basketball
Free Throw % Nevin Phares
Coaches Award Ayden Zavala
Mental Attitude Grant Flora
Most Valuable Wrestler(2) Kyler Brown, Shayne Tierney
Sportsmanship Award Landon Roy
Coaches Award(2) Dillan and Logan Sumowski
Most Improved Trophy Gustavo Taylor
Scholar Athlete Trophy Dillan Sumowski
Freshman Award Mike LeCount
Most Pins Trophy Landon Roy
Most Takedowns Shayne Tierney
Girls Varsity Basketball
Most Valuable Player Lilly Mast
Sportsmanship Sherlyn Torres
Rebound Trophy Jazmyn Smith
Assists Trophy Lilly Mast
Free Throw % Lilly Mast
Defense Trophy Lilly Mast
Coaches Award Trophy Nichelle Phares
Girls JV Basketball
Free Throw % Kristen Cox
Rebound Trophy Sara Gross
Assists Trophy Olivia Yates
Defense Trophy Maddie Yates
Girls Freshman Basketball
Coaches Award Hailey Moser
Most Improved Trophy Emily Mawhorter
Most Valuable Gymnast Valerie Diaz
Sportsmanship Elllianna Villareal
All Around Medal Valerie Diaz
Coaches Award Aneth Delgado
Most Improved Taylor Shoemaker
Outstanding Newcomer Nellie Herrera
Varsity Cheerleaders
Most Valuable Cheerleader Giselle Pablo
Sportsmanship Trina Rodriguez
Most Improved Gabrielle Boggs
Coaches Award America Ibanez
Newcomer Award Allison Baker
JV Cheerleaders
JV Outstanding Cheerleader Ashlyn Siegel
JV Most Improved Noemi Salas

2020 Winter Scholar Athletes

3.5 GPA or better for the 2nd Trimester

Austin Cripe 9
Valerie Diaz 9
Grant Flora 9
Emily Mawhorter 9
Hailey Moser 9
Giselle Pablo 9
Nevin Phares 9
Ashlyn Seigel 9
Derek Slone 9
Brayden Bohde 10
Peter Bradley 10
Leanett Campos 10
Marah Castro 10
Kristen Cox 10
Aneth Delgado 10
Sara Gross 10
Tara Gross 10
Kolby Knox 10
Kevin Lara 10
Adam Nelson 10
Joshua Rosales 10
Noemi Salas 10
Taylor Shoemaker 10
Jessica Silva 10
Sherlyn Torres 10
Madison Yates 10
Allison Baker 11
Angela Caldwell 11
Riley Champion 11
Vianai Herrera 11
Bailey Kilgore 11
Lillian Mast 11
Brockton Miller 11
Nichelle Phares 11
Jada Reffitt 11
Landon Roy 11
Amillia Schlemmer 11
Erin Shoemaker 11
Olivia Yates 11
Braden Brewster 12
Kiara Campos 12
Colten Cripe 12
Yesenia Haro 12
Isel Herrera 12
Holly Kyle 12
Kyle Mawhorter 12
Brandon Pruitt 12
Trina Rodriguez 12
Sarah Roque 12
Dillan Sumowski 12